My Photo Journey

Why did you start photography?

I’ve gotten this question a lot since starting out. I have even had a few people ask if I’m just really talented because my photos look so good for just starting out. This one I’m flattered by, but I’m no where near as good as I want to be and no I didn’t just start out at this level. I did a lot of self teaching and practicing and I definitely went through the horrid phase of really bad photos, you’ll see below. In my opinion, I still feel like I’m at that phase, but I’m still learning and trying new things. Some day I hope to get where I want to be, but for now I thought I would clear the air and explain my journey and passion for photography.

I don’t really have a straight answer for why I got into photography, other than the fact that I love photos. I love taking them, seeing them, decorating with them. just everything. The memories and moments each photo holds are truly special, and nothing beats sitting down and reminiscing while going through old photos you forgot about.

For as long as I can remember, taking photos and making videos(those are too embarrassing to share) has always been a hobby of mine since the day I got my first camera. I remember when I was maybe 10 years old, forcing my younger siblings to dress up and pose in front of ugly old blankets, my white window shades, and hallway walls I used as backdrops while I took photos of them with my tiny point and shoot digital camera. The photos below are just a couple examples of how good those went…. Don’t hate me too hard, I know they are painful haha. But the feeling I got when I thought I took an amazing photo is something that I can’t even explain. That feeling is why I chose to pursue photography.


I started taking photography seriously about 2 years ago when I bought my first mirror less camera. At the time, I hadn’t thought about making it a business, the camera was mainly for documenting my own adventures. It was light-weight, super easy to use, and perfect for my hiking and international trips. It wasn’t until I took photos of my best friend and her son to advertise lipstick I was selling at the time that I really started to consider taking photos for others. That photo is below.


I loved this photo so much. Holden’s sweet smile while his mom gave him kisses just warmed my heart. Maybe it was partially because I’m biased and they warm my heart already, but I quickly learned that I loved taking photos that captured love. So, when my cousin asked me to take her engagement photos for her I was ecstatic to try it out! The first round went alright, but I realized I needed to research more about how to use my camera. The photos didn’t have the look I was aiming for. I made her come back for round two after I did a ton of research. The second round came out better, but still not where I wanted to be.

First Round Left | Second Round Right


I practiced a few other times with my sister and her gorgeous daughter, Layla, and tried various techniques, tried new lenses, editing software, and posing.


It was to the point where I did nothing but research in my free time. I replaced my social media browsing with YouTube videos, googling, and stalking photographers that inspired me. Before I knew it, I was inspired to make this passion something bigger.

That’s when I officially created my business page on Facebook. I was open to try all different types of sessions from children, newborns, and family, to maternity, engagements, and self/senior portraits. I quickly found that the portraits that captured love were the ones that set my heart on fire. Couples especially. When you could visibly see the passion between two people helplessly in love through a photo, it’s something even words cannot describe and capturing that is one of my biggest goals.

Fast forward to today.


As I said before, I’m not where I want to be yet as a photographer, but I have goals and I’m dedicated to get there. I appreciate all of the love and support my work has gotten so far, it really means the world.