Prices start at $250

Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE adventures! Taking photos of you & your family/spouse/furry friend/etc. doing something fun would honestly be a dream. Whether it’s taking your family on a boat ride or tagging along with you and your significant other on a hiking trip, count me in! If it involves making memories and having a good time, consider hiring me to capture it all because I would love every second of it!

The coolest part about my adventure packages is that there is NO PHOTO LIMIT! Who can put a limit on memories? So with that said, my pricing is based on how much time is needed between the travel, activities, and editing and also, how far the adventure would take me. If you have an adventure in mind, but don’t know where to start with planning, I’ll also help with that! Message me and we can customize an adventure package just for you!

Sunset Cliffs, CA:DSC07499-Edit