Get to Know Me

Hey, it’s me.

I’m Karen Castor, an aspiring traveling wedding + elopement + couple photographer based out of Northern New York. I have a crazy passion for traveling & an even crazier passion for photos. I started with photography about 3 years ago because I wanted to document my own adventures, but recently found that I love documenting them for others even more. I’m the happiest when out and about exploring and trying new things. Especially with my husband, Zackery. Him and my pup are my favorite copilots on most of my adventures because they’re my biggest support of my passion. I absolutely love the mountains and scenic views. I swear I could live in any of the National Parks and be the happiest girl in the world! You’ll usually find me in the Adirondacks hiking, skiing, and shopping or on the West Coast visiting my beautiful goddaughter/niece, Layla. If you love to adventure and want to capture all the memories, I’m your girl!


Adventure with me.