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If you’re looking for someone willing to go the extra mile for your elopement day, then I’m your girl! From finding a jaw-dropping view, curating a stress-free timeline, capturing the intimate emotions while you experience one of the best moments of your life, and everything in between- you can count on me.

Exploring has been a huge part of who I am ever since I left my small hometown in Upstate NY. It’s the reason why I picked up a camera in the first place. Capturing epic places and adventuring to places I've never been is part of my life. It's even better these days because now I get to do it with my husband-Zack and two kids- Harper and Beau.  

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Adventure Seeker


I'm not just going to show up on your wedding day, snap a few photos, and then leave because your day is more than one big photoshoot. From the laughs to the happy tears, and everything in between, I want to freeze these moments in time for you to look back on for years to come.

If you have a specific vision in mind for your wedding photos, you can be sure I'll be equally determined to get that shot. Seeing each other for the first time in the middle of tall, wavy slot canyon walls? Done. Ceremony under natural, red-rock arches? Done. Saying your vows somewhere "on top of the world?" Done. Making your vision come to life is what motivates me the most.

The best way to find the hidden gem locations to elope is by physically exploring them. I've been dedicated to finding these spots since before I even started this business. There's nothing quite like experiencing a new place for the first time.

Being a mom of two pretty much qualifies me as the ultimate multi-tasker. I juggle everything and I'm always prepared for curveballs. Not only that, I know all the best tips and tricks to adventuring with little ones if you want yours to be apart of your day. 


Our Elopement Story

Since that day, it's been my passion to help others get their dream wedding

I’ve been there

My (now) husband and I started to plan a big, traditional wedding. Not because that’s what we wanted, but because that was what seemed like we were supposed to do. We put a deposit down on a venue (one with absolutely no good spots for bridal portraits-no idea what I was thinking) and once we started to really plan the details- food, entertainment, plate settings, open bar, decor, lighting, seating chart, etc. we quickly began to realize the day was not about us at all. In fact, every single decision felt like it was for our guests. We couldn’t make a decision on anything.

Our honeymoon on the other hand- completely planned and paid for before we even picked a venue. It was so easy and actually pretty fun to plan. One night while trying to plan, I broke down and finally said “I don’t want this.” My husband agreed and we almost just went to the courthouse and did it that day! But then we thought- why not elope on our “honeymoon” that we had planned?

That’s when the decision was made to elope in Banff at Lake Moraine.

My Elopement Photographer: Jovial Photography

I know what it’s like to question everything about a traditional wedding 

The entire day was stress-free and completely about us. We had the freedom to do whatever we felt like. We even pulled over on the side of the road for our first look simply because I liked the view as we drove by (Plus I just couldn't wait a second longer to see him lol). Not part of the plan-but nothing was holding us back to be able to do it because the only priority was us. 

We weren't in a rush to get ready, we didn't have guests to cater to, and we certainly didn't have anyone being negative. It was just me, him, the epic view, and a day filled with adventure. 

It made sense to get married this way. It was more us than a big wedding would have been. To this day, neither one of us regret our decision. 

You deserve a wedding that is authentically you

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