If you’re looking for someone willing to go the extra mile for your elopement day, then I’m your girl! Whether it’s finding a jaw-dropping view, curating a stress-free timeline, or capturing the intimate emotions while you experience one of the best moments of your life, you can count on me.

Exploring has become a huge part of who I am ever since I left my small hometown in Upstate NY. It’s the reason why I picked up a camera in the first place. Capturing epic places and adventuring to places I've never been is part of my life. It's even better these days because now I get to do it with my husband-Zack and two kids- Harper and Beau.  

I'm Karen

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Dunkin > Starbucks

I've been to 7 countries

My favorite color is black

My life relies on to-do lists

I know what it’s like to question everything about a traditional wedding 

I’ve been there

My (now) husband and I started to plan a big, traditional wedding. Not because that’s what we wanted, but because that was what seemed like we were supposed to do. We put a deposit down on a venue (one with absolutely no good spots for bridal portraits-no idea what I was thinking) and once we started to really plan the details- food, entertainment, plate settings, open bar, decor, lighting, seating chart, etc. we quickly began to realize the day was not about us at all. In fact, every single decision felt like it was for our guests. We couldn’t make a decision on anything and it was because we literally didn’t care.

Our honeymoon on the other hand- completely planned and paid for before we even picked a venue. It was so easy and actually pretty fun to plan. One night while trying to plan, I broke down and finally said “I don’t want this.” My husband agreed and we almost just went to the courthouse and did it that day! But then we thought- why not elope on our “honeymoon” that we had planned?

That’s when the decision was made to elope in Banff at Lake Moraine.

My Elopement Photographer: Jovial Photography

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