Sunrise Death Valley Elopement at Artists Palette

Bride and groom in Death Valley Elopement portrait

I’m so excited to be sharing photos from this boho Death Valley elopement! If you’re dreaming of an epic desert location to get married – this National Park Elopement in California will surely inspire you! We got up at 3 am to prep and then headed out to Artists Palette for a first look and a private ceremony. A + M said their vows just as the sun rose over the desert- it was the perfect moment. They popped champagne to celebrate, had their first dance in the valley of the colorful rocks, and then wandered around the California desert as newly weds!! The perfect elopement adventure for desert lovers. Read on if you want to know how to plan a Death Valley Elopement!

How to Elope in Death Valley

Fun fact: Death Valley is the largest National Park in the continental US. It’s located in Eastern California, in the northern Mojave Desert, bordering the Great Basin Desert. Just like any NP, there is an entrance fee of $30 unless you have the annual parks pass. In addition to the entrance fee, to be able to elope, there is a required special use permit (currently costs $300). The parks rules change every so often, so this is subject to change. But don’t worry, this is something I help you with when you’re planning your elopement.

Where to Stay in Death Valley

There are 9 campgrounds around the park, a few of which are free and don’t require a reservation. If you want something a little less rugged for getting ready: there are some rad Airbnb’s not too far outside of the park. In addition to that, there’s quite a few options for hotels inside and outside the park.

Best time to Elope

Planning a Death Valley National Park Elopement definitely requires a little bit of research, especially in regards to when is the best time! Being one of the hottest and driest places on earth, you really don’t want to elope here year-round. In the summer for example, those desert temperatures reach well into 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and rarely go below 90 even in the dark of night!

The best time to elope in Death Valley is in the winter or spring. While there is the occasional rain storm, and wind can get quite strong; your best bet is between November-April. Although you could plan for a sunrise elopement in October or May and avoid the hottest temperatures! This elopement was in February and while the temperature was cool for the most part, there was a pretty big sand storm later this evening!

Deciding on the time of day to elope is another factor to figure out in your elopement planning – and something I’m always happy to help my clients sort out during our consultation!

What time to Elope in the Desert

Pros of planning your elopement around sunset:

  1. Golden hour glow! We love the light at sunset, it’s so romantic.
  2. Time to get ready. You have more time to do your hair and makeup and relax.
  3. Dusk! Blue hour comes after the sun sets, and then the night sky makes it’s appearance!

Pros of planning your elopement around sunrise:

  1. Privacy. You’re far less likely to run into crowds at the popular spots early in the morning.
  2. Temperatures. Since the sun hasn’t been heating up the desert all day this is the coolest time!
  3. Timeline. You get the rest of the day to kick back and relax; or go celebrate as newly weds!

Another option is planning a full day elopement! This could mean getting up early for a sunrise hike or vows at one location. Then taking mid-day to explore, rest, eat, change, and then going out for sunset photos at another location! That way you get the best of both times of the day – and a full day of adventure to celebrate saying “I do.” Check out my different elopement packages here.

Okay now scroll through this epic sunrise elopement in Death Valley, California! And don’t forget to add your favorites to Pinterest!

Death Valley Elopement at Sunrise

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