Sand Dunes Elopement in Arizona

Sand Dunes elopement photos with bride and groom running in the sand

Off-Roading Sand Dunes Elopement in Arizona

Comin at ya today with an epic sand dunes elopement in Arizona! This ATV wedding will surely inspire all the off-roading lovers into planning an adventurous desert elopement like this one!! Dani + Tim adventured out with their side by side into the sand dunes for their dreamy sunset ceremony. They had already gotten married on paper, but this adventure was just for them- doing what they love. They said their own personal vows in the middle of the dunes – how awesome is that??

Desert Wedding

We all rode out to an epic spot overlooking all the sand dune trails, and then they got dressed (despite the crazy wind and sand blowing everywhere!) They had a quick drink and walked out into the sand to read their vows to each other. We rode around a bit, ran up and down the dunes, watched the other riders race down below, we even asked a random guy to blow dirt up for an epic sandy atmosphere! And then as the sun set we all danced and had a few drinks together and rode back to the camping area to end the night. Driving back in the dark was super sketchy because you have no idea where you’re going.

Sand Dunes in Arizona

Located in Yuma, AZ and the eastern border of southern California; the Imperial Sand Dunes is a desert wonderland! With more than 40 miles of recreational area, this place attracts all of the ATV, 4×4, dune buggy, and off-roader riders! If you’re looking for where to elope in Arizona and love sand dunes – this may be the perfect spot to get married! Here’s a few tips on eloping in the Imperial Sand Dunes:

Tips for Eloping in Sand Dunes

  1. Be aware of the weather. Eloping in the Sand Dunes can be pretty tough when the temperatures are 100+ degrees in the summer. Not only is the sun hot, but the sand itself can soak up that heat and make it difficult to walk on! The best times to elope in the desert generally fall between October-June. But we can most always work something out if you’re on a certain timeline.
  2. Be prepared for the sand. There’s A LOT OF SAND. No duh you may be thinking. However, when the wind kicks up (which is common in the desert) that sand blows EVERYWHERE. In your hair, shoes, clothes, my camera, literally everywhere. It can make some epic photos for sure, and not a deal breaker, but it’s something to keep in mind!
  3. Bring proper footwear. Or none! The sand dunes can be a little tough to walk in (think running at the beach barefoot, x10) It’s a pretty cool experience dipping your toes in the deep soft sand, however not something I would recommend in heels! Being barefoot really is the best option.
  4. Be flexible. When going to recreational areas such as the sand dunes you’re never guaranteed the perfectly smooth sand dunes or a ton of privacy. Being such a popular spot, there’s always a chance that the ATV’s will be out riding on the dunes – which can get noisy and leave tire tracks on the sand. However being such a large area, there’s usually plenty of space to find a secluded enough spot for epic photos.
  5. Make it an adventure. If you’ve got a side by side, UTV, etc; bring it to your elopement or photoshoot! I love when my clients incorporate something they love into their wedding day! You can also book private tours our rent out vehicles to ride out onto the dunes if you’re confident in that! Such an epic way to make memories on the day you get married!

Arizona Sand Dunes Elopement Photos

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