When you get married, you really have two options when it comes to doing it lawfully. The first is to get your marriage license in your home state before traveling to Arizona for the actual elopement. Or, you can go the route of doing everything in Arizona.

Both are great options. However, being informed on which is best for you can truly make or break your experience.

A Guide to Legally Eloping in Arizona

Karen Castor Photography, an Arizona-based Elopement Photographer, shares her tips for legally eloping in Arizona.

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To celebrate your upcoming elopement, I want to highlight all the fun things you can do on your elopement day in Sedona, Arizona.

Fun Things To Do On Your Elopement Day in Sedona

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Elopement with Dogs Do you want to elope with your dogs? Have you ever wondered “can I bring my dog to my elopement?” Well, the answer is HECK YES! I love seeing couples bring their pets to their elopement, wedding, or couple’s adventure shoot! However, there are a few things to consider and check before […]

How to Elope with Dogs

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Should you Book a Venue for Your Elopement? You might just be getting into planning the logistics of your wedding/elopement and you face this common dilemma. Should you book a wedding venue for your elopement? Or is it even still an “elopement” if you have a venue? Or if you invite guests? Let’s break down […]

Should you Book a Venue for Your Elopement?

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bride and groom holding hands standing in front of wedding circle altar. Arizona wedding venue

Why Elope at Cathedral Rock Cathedral Rock is a popular trail in Sedona, Arizona. It’s a short and straight- up climb to some magnificent views of the surreal desert valleys and vistas. If you’re looking for where to elope around Sedona, this might make the top of your list! Being so stunning and pretty accessible, […]

How to Elope at Cathedral Rock, Arizona

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How to hike in your wedding dress. Adventurous elopement packing tips.

How to Hike in Your Wedding Dress

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Full Day Elopement Ceremony in Sedona Arizona Today I’m bringing you an epic FULL DAY Elopement in Sedona, Arizona! Sunrise Cathedral Rock Ceremony Xintong + Shao wanted a day focused on each other and being in the moment. They loved the red rocks in Sedona, so we planned a full day of exploring the best […]

What’s a Full Day Elopement Look Like?

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Check out this intimate wedding ceremony at Seven Sacred Pools for all the inspiration, tips, and what you need to know to elope in Sedona, AZ.

How to Elope with Guests

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bride and groom at Arizona elopement