What’s a Full Day Elopement Look Like?

Full Day Elopement Ceremony in Sedona Arizona

Today I’m bringing you an epic FULL DAY Elopement in Sedona, Arizona!

Sunrise Cathedral Rock Ceremony

Xintong + Shao wanted a day focused on each other and being in the moment. They loved the red rocks in Sedona, so we planned a full day of exploring the best places. We started their elopement day bright and early at 3:45am! We met at the Cathedral Rock trailhead and began hiking up in the dark with our headlamps. Xintong + Shao had never hiked Cathedral Rock before, let alone doing it in the dark, but they were pros! Once we made it to the top, they changed into their wedding attire on separate sides of the cliff and then met on the ledge for a first look! We spent the rest of the morning exploring around different spots until other hikers started to join around 6am.

The cotton candy skies were breathtaking as the sun came up over the horizon. After taking a moment to enjoy the view and pack up, we headed back down to meet with their officiant- Sedona Wedding Ministry on the plateau. Xintong hiked the whole way down in her wedding dress!

Once we reached the bottom, we picked a secluded spot and they had their ceremony, emotional vows, and then signed the marriage license!

Fun fact: I brought an assistant along with me that day so we could both be their witnesses just in case we didn’t find anyone that early in the morning.

Private Morning Elopement Breakfast

They headed back to their room after the romantic sunrise elopement ceremony for some chill time! They ordered a room service breakfast where they ate on their private patio with the prettiest view, napped, went to the spa, and enjoyed their afternoon.

Sunset First Dance Merry Go Round Rock

We met back up a couple hours before sunset where they got ready in their room and we hopped in their rented jeep to head up Schnebly hill. At the top, they had their first dance and explored around as the sun set and the storm clouds rolled in. Then we headed back down to end the night.

Full Day Elopement Timeline (June)

2-3:30 am: Get ready at the hotel (hair/makup)

3:45 am: Meet at the trailhead and start the hike

4:45 am: Top of Cathedral Rock: change clothes, first look, and bridals

5:45 am: Start hike down to the plateau

6:15 am: Meet officiant and begin ceremony

7:15 am: Head back to room for room service breakfast

7:30 am: Quick bite of breakfast for a photo and then split for the day until sunset

7:30 am-5:00 pm Private time to nap, go to the spa, grab lunch, etc.

5:00 pm: Meet at the room to get ready- getting ready photos

5:45 pm: Head to Schnebly Hill to start the drive up to Merry Go Round Rock

6:00 pm: Start the drive

7:00 pm: Arrive at Merry Go Round Rock and begin walk to the vista

7:15 pm: First Dance + Bridals

8:15 pm: Head back down the hill

9:00 pm: Arrive at trailhead- end photos

Arizona Elopement Photographer

If you’re dreaming of gorgeous red rock landscapes and out of this world desert views, planning an elopement Arizona might be for you!! With so many gorgeous and private locations to say I do, this desert paradise is the perfect place for an adventurous and intimate wedding! I’m an Arizona local and LOVE helping my clients plan their dream elopement (visiting or locals themselves!) I can provide an abundance of resources on where to elope and tips on how to make it the best experience ever! Contact me to book your Sedona, Arizona elopement photographer! And be sure to follow me on Instagram for more desert elopement location ideas in the US!

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